Audio book: Daphne and Velma #2: Dark Deception

Audio book Daphne and Velma #2: Dark Deception z Morgan Baden

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Tytuł:Daphne and Velma #2: Dark Deception
Audio book:Daphne and Velma #2: Dark Deception Audio book
Autor:Morgan Baden
Dostępne formaty:Audio book
Data wydania:2020-07-21

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Despite their differences , Daphne and Velma were able to solve the mystery of The Vanishing Girl. But there are a lot of secrets buried in the town of Crystal Cove. And the biggest case of all still remains unsolved... why did the towns original settlers all disappear? What happened to them? Velma is determined to find out... especially because her familys ancestors were among the disappeared. And now that she and Daphne have started to get a reputation for solving mysteries , everyone in town is looking to them for answers. But digging up the past can be dangerous... ... → Czytaj więcej ...

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