Audio book: Before the Dawn: RWBY, Book 2

Audio book Before the Dawn: RWBY, Book 2 z E.C. Myers

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Tytuł:Before the Dawn: RWBY, Book 2
Audio book:Before the Dawn: RWBY, Book 2 Audio book
Autor:E.C. Myers
Dostępne formaty:Audio book
Data wydania:2020-07-21

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A storm is coming... After their strange mission in the desert , Coco , Fox , Velvet , and Yatsuhashi are back at Shade Academy , doing some extracurricular work to track down The Crown , a mysterious force that’s snatching up people with powerful semblances. The job should be easier with Team SSSN by their side , but The Crown continues to evade them. Out of options and worried that a bigger plot is in motion , CFVY and SSSN notify Theodore , the Headmaster of Shade Academy , but Theodore has problems of his own. Troubled by the ... → Czytaj więcej ...

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