Audio book: Umbrella Mouse to the Rescue

Audio book Umbrella Mouse to the Rescue z Anna Fargher

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Tytuł:Umbrella Mouse to the Rescue
Audio book:Umbrella Mouse to the Rescue Audio book
Autor:Anna Fargher
Dostępne formaty:Audio book
Data wydania:2020-07-23

Książka jest o

A breathtaking story of bravery , friendship and fighting for what you believe in , Umbrella Mouse to the Rescue is the eagerly anticipated sequel to Anna Farghers bestselling and award-winning The Umbrella Mouse , based on the true stories of the heroic animals caught in the conflict of WWII. Young mouse Pip Hanway is in France as she continues fighting for the French Resistance group Noahs Ark: a secret gang of animals operating beneath the feet of human soldiers , whose aim is to liberate France and secure the victory of the Allies. Determined to reach her ancestral home ... → Czytaj więcej ...

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