Audio book: Osdal: Harmony War, Book 3

Audio book Osdal: Harmony War, Book 3 z Michael Chatfield

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Tytuł:Osdal: Harmony War, Book 3
Audio book:Osdal: Harmony War, Book 3 Audio book
Autor:Michael Chatfield
Dostępne formaty:Audio book
Data wydania:2018-11-06

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Masoul wasnt just an uprising; it was the starting of a war. Harmony didnt start on Masoul; they were using it as a testing ground. Moretti has a lead on from where Harmony might have come. First , they need to defeat Harmonys forces in Osdal. Nervas not going to throw his people at Harmony; this is not just a colonist uprising , this is a well-armed and well-backed military. They need more information. It comes down to the Triple-Twos to find out that information. Once again , the Victor brothers and their platoon will be right at the heart ... → Czytaj więcej ...

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