Audio book: The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez (Unabridged)

Audio book The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez (Unabridged) z Adrianna Cuevas

Informacje o produkcie

Tytuł:The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez (Unabridged)
Audio book:The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez (Unabridged) Audio book
Autor:Adrianna Cuevas
Dostępne formaty:Audio book
Data wydania:2020-07-21

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All Nestor Lopez wants is to live in one place for more than a few months and have dinner with his dad. When he and his mother move to a new town to live with his grandmother after his dads latest deployment , Nestor plans to lay low. He definitely doesnt want anyone to find out his deepest secret: that he can talk to animals. But when the animals in his new town start disappearing , Nestors grandmother becomes the prime suspect after she is spotted in the woods where they were last seen. As Nestor investigates the source of ... → Czytaj więcej ...

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